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February 02, 2021 1 min read

what are locking pin backs? How to remove locking pin backs?


What are locking pin backs?

Locking pin backs are the most secure pin backs you can use in order to keep your pins from slipping of your jackets, hats, or backpacks. They are even the most comfortable option if you will have skin contact while wearing your pins on your shirts. 

How to put on locking pin backs?

Putting the locking pin backs on your enamel pins is easy. To put them on, you just slide it onto the pin post as you would a rubber or butterfly clasp backing. 

How to open locking pin backs?

In order to remove the locking pin back from your enamel pins post you need to pull its two parts AWAY from each other. That will release it's inner locking system .

This can be a little tricky the first few times you try to remove these and it can get a little frustrating especially if you have sensitive fingertips, long nails, or a short temper but I promise it gets easier once you get use to it.

The trick is to hold the large flat disc ( located on the top of the locking pin back) firmly whilst pulling away from the pin. This releases the internal locking system and free you to move your pin wherever you wish. Even if it's just off the backing card 🤣


Where to buy locking pin backs?

You can buy locking pin backs right here with Badmouthed Bruja. To get a pack of 4 locking pin backs for only $1.50 just click here

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