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Quirky Lil B- Lanyard

Quirky: peculiar, unexpected, eccentric, unorthodox, zany, strange, outlandish
Lil: A touch of, a dash
Bitch: dominant female
I think that sums it up pretty well *cackles* 
signed- strange with a huge touch of dominant femme


Our lanyards are unique. You won't find one like it anywhere else. BadMouthed Bruja Lanyards are measured to fit comfortably around your wrist securely while allowing wiggle room with metal details that bring weight and a polished look. Carry your phone and keys in style.

Wear what you want
Leave your purse at home and squeeze into those skinny jeans with no functional pockets

Be Safe
Have your phone out and ready in case of an emergency and your keys for quick easy access getting into your house or car

Stay Versatile
Each lanyard comes with a keyring and a clip that attaches directly to any mobile device and any secure phone case such as Otterbox, LifeProof, etc. Additionally, the clip stays on your phone and can be used with any BadMouth Lanyard.
What you get
1 lanyard 
1 attachable clip
1 28mm key ring

Add your own unique touch to our lanyards by adding one of our enamel pins!

We ship USPS First Class.
Please allow 3-5 business days for our lanyards for keys and phones to be processed and shipped. This does not include major holidays, weekends or postal holidays. You may experience small delays due to COVID.

We now ship internationally for a flat rate of $16 and to Canada for $15 via USPS 7-21 day shipping.

We only accept returns on damaged or defective items

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